Stylish medalist

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Stylish and comfortable, elegant or sporty and very feminine regardless of the size. Tunic might be a perfect outfit for many occasions, that’s why we’ve chosen it for our next model.

Unusual feeling of force and control, precision and concentration are definitely required in fencing. To become a master in this sport discipline, one needs to have not only strength endurance, but also be able to find the perfect balance between mind, body and spirit. Our next model Jadwiga, who has become the world medalist in fencing, has achieved and met all requirements described above. She is also unbelievably cheerful, humble and talented person, who is interested not only in sport, but in fashion as well.

In the case of our model, comfort seems to be the most important factor. Tunics are very universal, they can be stylish and comfy, elegant or sporty, but they always remain very feminine outfit, regardless of the size of woman who wears it. They are also a great alternative for long blouses or dresses. A bit oversized and long tunics might help to hide some imperfections of belly or hips, but they also might highlight some body advantages, feminine shape of the body and breast. They’re chic and add some lightness to our look.

Jadwiga wears white tunic with red embroidery plus while, classy ballet flats. Such outfit gives a lot of styling opportunities, so it can be joined with leggings or cigarette pants. The breast line can be underlined by different neck cuts, for example v-neck which exposure beautiful breast line of our model. The flared cut under breast line makes silhouette visually longer and underlines sensual, feminine shape. Delicate, red ornament and beige bobbles look simply perfect with blonde hair of our hodel and her light skin tone. Tunics can be worn for a daily basis, in the office and during evening meetings with friends. The rich diversity of fabrics helps to compose different outfits all year round and perfect stylings for every possible situation.

Styling Sylwia Buda