Agnieszka – sporty style

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Sport is not only her lust. First of all, sport means crossing own limits and enduring strength. She does crossfit.

Agnieszka Bojarska is an incredibly positive person, who really loves her family and who is able to focus on doing sports while developing different hobbies. Her adventure with crossfit started year and a half ago and since the beginning she had a strong willingness to practise. Crossfit is an intensive strength training and circuit training mixed with weight lifting. It increases general physical fitness and strengthens immune system. Agnieszka does all exercises without any resistance, because she knows how important is strength endurance, force and precision. Sport means crossing her own barriers. Despite of doing sports, she fulfill her dreams by travelling all over the world. She treats travelling not only as a way to get to know different cultures and countries, but also as a way to get to know her inner self.

Fashion is an element of self-expression for her. The choice of clothes, according to look, personality and hobbies is very meaningful for her. It’s also important to choose comfortable and soft fabrics. We suggested her sweatshirt and t-shirt. The cut of the top of her clothing has to provide her leeway and give the opportunity to easily move on disability chair, that’s why the top of her outfit has to be fitted. Also the light pink trousers has been made of soft fabric. Sporty outfit always looks good with sneakers or trainers.

Sweatshirt, t-shirt and trousers by Zara