Marlena and queen of all dresses

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We suggested Marlena very simple, black, knee-length dress with decorative epaulettes, which perfectly expose her ideal body shape and her disability, what emphasize her inner beauty and real power. This outfit has been completed with black, comfortable flat sandals providing stability. Little black dress can be worn for casual and official occasions.

Marlena has sporty, slim silhouette without any imperfections, so she has a wide diversity of different outfits to choose, because she looks great in most of cuts. She should avoid only oversize clothes. Her new, nonchalant, messy haircut and subtle makeup highlight natural beauty.

To summarize Marlena styling: she should wear well-fitting clothes which don’t overwhelm her small body build. If the top of her outfit is wide, then skirt should be narrow (or in the opposite). Flat shoes provide her more security and stability, what is very important in her case.

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