The social innovation ‘Monomoda – journal online’ is realized according to the grant agreement nr ZS-II. concluded on 08.12.2017 within the project ‘We want to work. Innovation in the field of dependent care services’ (agreement number: POWR.04.01.00-00-I062/15), co-financed by the European Social Fund (IV Priority Axis of the Foundation for the Development of the Education System 2014-2020, The Action 4.1. Social Innovations) concluded on 12.07.2016 between the Municipality of Radom and the Polish Minister of Development with his headquarters in Warsaw.

Our main goal is the improvement of situation of people with disability, dependents and their caregivers within the particular activities from their social, civic, family and professional life. We would like to change the social image of people with reduced mobility and dependents and consolidate solutions decreasing their psychosocial and mental barriers.

The social innovation ‘Monomoda – journal online’ is dedicated to disable and dependent adults, particularly women with different levels of physical and sensory disability and their caregivers. Our project is also addressed to all able-bodied, who would like to actively support all actions dedicated to people with disability.

We would like to teach disable and dependent women how to highlight their personality through their dressing style and learn them how to hide some imperfections. Such learning should give the the ability to choose the proper outfit for every occasion. Displayed images of disable and dependent women might inspire our followers to compose their own styling too.

So, we ask a question: can fashion and style complete your physicality and personality?

We commune with fashion and style every day and its diversity might become the reflection of our mood and feelings. How to create your own rules of dressing, which are the best for our body shape, formal and informal occasion? What should we wear when we want to feel comfortable or elegant? Working in the fashion field demands a lot of involvement, but if we love what we do and we’re cautious about our choices, it might develop creativity and pleasure. There is nothing better for building self-confidence than being aware of own attractiveness. So should we really keep strict rules of cliche image of ideal women and rules enforced by our surroundings? Why some imperfections should be an obstacle to build self-esteem? Think of who you are and who you want to be, it’s the only way to self-fulfillment.

The social innovation ‘Monomoda – journal online’ is the place for people with disabilities who would like to try different set of clothes and inspire others how to highlight personality and and hide imperfections, what is very useful in the everyday life