The social innovation ‘Monomoda – journal online’ is realized according to the grant agreement nr ZS-II. concluded on 08.12.2017 within the project ‘We want to work. Innovation in the field of dependent care services’ (agreement number: POWR.04.01.00-00-I062/15), co-financed by the European Social Fund (IV Priority Axis of the Foundation for the Development of the Education System 2014-2020, The Action 4.1. Social Innovations) concluded on 12.07.2016 between the Municipality of Radom and the Polish Minister of Development with his headquarters in Warsaw.


If you would like to be our model and take participation in uncommon and surprising photo session, please send us your request. We’re looking for people with disabilities, regardless of their experience and place of living, who will help us to create the social innovation ‘Monomoda -journal online’. If you’re open, not afraid of challenges and you would like to get to know other interesting people, give us a message. You can send your request via email or by phone.

Please tell us in your request what kind of disability you have and about your mobility. Also, please send us examples of your photos and your body measurements.


Project Leader:
Małgorzata Załecka