Touch summer colors

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When the hot sun sends us the rays on a summer day and the heat bothers us constantly, a gentle blow of the wind gives a soothing relief. Is there someone who does not like warm mornings, beautiful sunsets and long walks in a serene evening? Many people say that summer is their favorite season of the year. However, when the sun makes its presence felt too strong and the temperatures are too high, not only ice-creams and cool drinks can help. On the days like that, we would love to sit in the shadow near a fan, and surrender to blissful laziness. However, we have to go to work, school or university. Then the dilemma may arise – what should we wear on such a hot summer day?

It was exactly such a sizzling day, when we had a privilege to participate in an extraordinary exhibition… an exhibition which could not be seen. Invisible Exhibition is a place where the sight is used the least, and where we can feel, experience and understand better how people with visual impairment live. For those who do not know much about such impairments, it is difficult to imagine how a blind or a visually impaired person deals with the daily life. The exhibition lets us feel for a while how it is and its amazing guides give us a helping hand during the walk. One of the guides is Karolina with whom we were pleased to work. Not in the darkness, but in the full photographic lighting. Karolina guides groups of visitors of the exhibition every day. At the first glance, you can see that Karolina is a very outgoing person who hits it off with others easily. That is why we found working together during the photo shoot, as well as organizing it, very pleasant

For our model, we have prepared something perfect for summer, when it is good to choose light colors and airy clothes. Undoubtedly, a loose white dress with colorful prints will be a perfect choice. We suggested to Karolina an ankle length dress. As in our model’s case, it will be an ideal option for tall women. The top of the dress is an imitation of a V-neck shirt with buttons and a collar. The pockets on the bust are a decoration which makes the whole dress accentuate our model’s body shape. The sleeve is rolled up to the elbow, but on cold days, if necessary, the outfit can be made long-sleeved; it has a golden button on the cuff. The fabric is very airy and it will not cause discomfort on warmer days. Karolina has shoulder-length light blond hair, so the dress cut and the colors definitely brighten the body shape, and the belt tied with a bow accentuates the waist and femininity of the model. What is more, the presented dress cut will work perfectly if we want to hide a belly and hips. In order to show the whole outfit, we chose chunky-heeled ankle cuff pastel blue sandals. For comfort, we can choose more comfortable low heel or platform shoes in similar colors. It is difficult to stay indifferent facing the rich and intriguing colorful print. However, you should be careful with multifarious prints, as it is not difficult to exaggerate. Therefore, while choosing a summer dress, remember to make all the details work together entirely, and as far as the cut is concerned, it should be well adjusted to your body shape.

Sometimes the readers and followers of MONOMODA ask whether it makes sense to invite people with vision impairment for a photo shoot and to choose outfits for them, as they will not see much of it. The idea of MONOMODA is unconventionality, but at the same time, building a project opened for all the senses, not only for a visual experience. In the project, such details generate intriguing solutions which are remembered for a long time. This is a merit of our models who has been creating the project and who can go beyond all the standards. In a sense, participating in and creating the project give time for building relations between its creators, and such moments are rich in emotions. What would be the clothes without the person who wears them? MONOMODA is a great investment created in a way which never allows the former to overshadow the latter. Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it – Yves Saint Laurent.

Model: Karolina
Photographer: Krzysztof Ślachciak
Make-up: Paulina Kurowiak
Stylist: Paulina Kurowiak
Co-operation: Invisible Exhibition