Emily formally

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Few years ago Emily experienced a spinal injury and since then her hands and legs are paralyzed, but strong personality and optimistic mindset didn’t let her to give up. She is in the  rehabilitation process all the time and she struggles to come back to independency and self-sufficiency.Thanks to her determination, she has learned recently how to use phone and computer in a way, which let her run a website of a beauty salon and she writes a book.

Her strong character has its own reflection in her style. In our outfit proposal we suggested her light, feminine long sleeve blouse with frill, made of light fabric. Stylish navy blue blouse with frills helps to hide some imperfections and adds some lightness to the general look. Such blouse might be joined with linen, airy, creased trousers which are both comfortable and elegant. Such outfit might be completed with fancy, black, chamois ballet flats with decorative peak, which might be used in many other stylings. The composition of decorative blouse and linen trousers will help you to feel elegant and feminine and it might be used on many occasions.

Blouse, trousers and shoes come from Zara