Maria – Extravagance

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Red color vivifies, it’s eye-catching and doesn’t let you disappear in the crowd. Front binding blouse makes an outfit extravagant and unique. 

In this photo session we joined floral motifs and stripes. Maria is an active person, who is not afraid of challenges, so we created courageous, fashionable and comfortable outfit specially for her. It might be worn at university or for meetings with friends. Stripes are hit of the season, which help to slim silhouette, hide imperfections and… emphasize hips. Final effect depends on kind and size of stripes that we’re going to dress. Tiny, horizontal, densely distributed stripes help to divert attention from imperfections. They are just perfect for women, who want to hide imperfections, but don’t want to give up patterned clothes. Wide, horizontal and contrast stripes might visually make you heavier and emphasize body curves, so such pattern is reserved preferably for slim body type.

This time we’ve chosen fashionable ragged pants with white and blue vertical stripes which slim silhouette and lengthen legs. High waisted cigarette trousers underline feminine body shape and beautiful, floral blouse adds some girlish charm and optimism. Thanks to eye-catching red color it’s impossible to disappear in the crowd and front binding makes the outfit extravagant and unique. We completed this set of clothes with comfortable sneakers. Delicate makeup highlights lips in a beautiful way. Such styling is simple to create, but it changes everyday monotony and marks Maria’s courageous personality.