Paulina – stylish

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Heavy work and unbelievable bravery are features which can be used to describe Paulina Woźniak, who is a Polish swimmer and medalist in the paralympic games. Despite of the fact that she was born without left lower-arm, she has developed her love for swimming and sport. She received two medals, the silver one during the games in Beijing and the bronze medal in London. She graduated from the interior design faculty with award. She is not only very talented woman, but she also shares her positive energy with others as a personal trainer. She is not afraid of challenges and new experiences, that’s why she knows how to experiment with fashion in a good style. We suggested her casual outfit in a very modern style, which joins elegant minimalism and comfort together with sensualism and self confidence.

This outfit is elegant enough to wear it for formal occasions and comfortable enough to be worn casually. Classy colors give a wide opportunity to wear it for every occasion. We suggested Paulina the black jacket and airy white blouse without sleeves, which might be worn with overclothes or without it, and skinny creased trousers. Outfit has been completed with enamel heels. As the accessories, we suggested long, silver chain and silver-rose metallic bracelets. Delicate makeup became the topping of Paulina’s feminine look and style. Such outfit meets the expectation of every modern woman.

Photosession: jacket by Stradivarius; airy, white shirt by H&M; trousers by Zara; jewellery by Reserved; enamel heels by Deichmann.