Elegant stripes

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If you want to emphasize your interesting personality, look distinctive, make your silhouette visually slim and add some elegance to your everyday style, you definitely should choose the vibrant styling composition. In such case we strongly recommend choosing striped clothes. Stripes remain one of the most popular motifs on fabrics, together with flowers and grids, they are also strongly associated with Parisian style and are considered the essence of French elegance. Even if you can think that stripes are not for everyone, it’s worth to reconsider the idea of wearing them. The most important is choosing the right cut and the kind and thickness of stripes.  

During this session we had a pleasure to meet Monika. Regardless of her vision disability, our model remains an open and creative person, highly involved in many activities. She has many achievements at pneumatic shooting specialized for people with eye disabilities.   

Today we suggested her wearing an elegant, striped, midi shirt dress with flared sleeves. Simple cut and v-neck underline breast line and marks all advantages of her body shape. Vertical stripes in different colors and different thickness lengthen silhouette. Soft satin fabric add some elegance and oficial character to the outfit. It’s worth to remember about wearing the belt, which marks the line of waist and hips. Such outfit can be completed with original accessories, like big, straw earrings, sunglasses and simple, chamois, pale heels. Adding such styling variety to everyday look guarantee perfect result and let us feel a bit of  springtime during winter days. Such effective cut of the shirt dress underlines body shape and creates the perfect outfit for evening meetings.

Collaboration: Posnania