Aleksandra – complete elegance

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Aleksandra is an example of an optimist with a strong personality. She doesn’t want to hide her disability, she rather would like to prove that it doesn’t limit her. After leg amputation she gave birth to her son, she travels, walks on long distances and motivates others. In her free time she creates crochet jewelry. She likes adventures, including fashion adventures. We’ve chosen elegant and sensual set of clothes, based on suit jacket, top and skirt in a very classy, chic and forever fashionable black color. Her suit jacket represents timeless elegance in minimal cut and it has been made of airy and comfortable fabric. We completed it with comfortable and universal black top.

Rolled up sleeves give some leeway. Suit jacket might be always combined with jeans pants or dress. Female suit jacket is also a good idea if we want to add some formal character during private meetings. The belt marks breast line and waist and comfortable, fashionable, airy maxi dress adds some character and highlights sexappeal.

Black high heel sandals with strap around ankle will be perfect for hot, summer days. High heels are always the synonym of femininity which highlights the shape of silhouette and legs and it always makes an outfit chic. Black clothes are good for women at any age, it’s universal and can be mixed with any other color. It might be worn on many occasions, like business meeting or an official dinner.