Aneta in jeans

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She spreads around her positive energy and shows how to love yourself despite of small imperfections.

Aneta is an incredibly strong woman, who calls herself the One-Eyed Warrior. Despite of her young age, she already wrote a book in which she described her life with disability.

She has a great distance to everyday life and the fact that she has only one eye doesn’t stop her from receiving new, great experiences. She might be a model role for many people and her positive energy make others smile. She might be an inspiration for many people.

For a person who has only one eye, it’s extremely important to accept own disability and physicality and to care about own mental and physical comfort. The look is really important for Aneta, because it’s connected with positive mindset. Her personality might be expressed by vivid styling. We decided to join contrasting elements, which will be perfect for everyday walks or meetings after work. We choose short jeans jacket, which is a great alternative for biker jacket, and fashionable midi length pleated skirt. When we complete it with white t-shirt and comfortable pink sneakers, we get an interesting and eye-catching result.

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