Girl on wheel

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Journal online Monomoda is dedicated to people with disabilities and created in collaboration with them. We aim to present both basic and elegant styles, designed for special occasions. Individual style, which fits silhouette, personality and the particular kind of disability, help to highlight body advantages and hide imperfections. Finding such individual style help person with disability to look at oneself through new eyes. In a certain way, it helps to improve mental health, increase the feeling of freedom and everyday motivation. All these factors help to create good relations with surrounding. This way, such project might be understood both as the great fun and inspiration.

During last photoshooting we got to know Agata, young student who loves writing. She writes a blog „Girlonwheel”, where she shares stories about her travels, everyday life, and tips concerning fashion and makeup. We love creativity, so this time we experimented with freedom, arty taste and uniqueness. We suggested her boho styling, which is a mix of aztec, hindu and oriental motifs, but with classic vibes in her case. Elegant, short sleeved tunic provides freedom of movement and fabulous colors with geometric and floral motifs make this outfit very stylish.

Boho might be not only pastel and romantic, but a bit heavier as well. Tunic is made of a very light and sensuous fabric, what adds some elegance to the general look. It can be mixed with many different pieces of clothes, so it might be used as a dress or can be joined with simple, classy trousers, jeans or leggins, which can help to highlight juicy colors. Boho style needs ability to join own creativity and aesthetic, but one needs to be careful to not move too far, cause the result might be overdrawn. Boho is inspired by many cultures and it joins freedom, lightness and nonchalance, but in a well considered way. Agata’s outfit is quite classy, it has only the boho accent. Only the front of tunic is decorated, the back is plain. If we mix this outfit with ballerinas, we have an everyday outfit which might be worn also on important meetings.