Emily in a springtime

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There is no better outfit for a springtime than a floral dress together with sneakers. This popular combination is a mix of sporty and feminine styles. A dress is the most distinctive element of a female wardrobe, which always adds some femininity and highlights female body shape. If a dress is the right choice for you, it might give you thinner look, highlight facial lines or help to create any other visual effect. Depending on your silhouette, you can choose suitable size and color of floral print, corresponding with the weather outside. If you’re tall and you would like to look thinner, you should avoid tiny patterns. On the contrary, thin women should avoid big floral patterns, because it might visually overwhelm them. In the previous photo session we presented Emily and her story. Recently she presented herself in a formal outfit, but this time we would like to show her in more optimistic and spring version. In her case it’s really important to wear comfortable and easy to get dressed clothes. Emily prefers casual style in her everyday life, however, she likes rock accessories too. She is an optimist and loves colorful clothes with teeth, which mark her strong personality. Session in a subtle, floral dress is something very new for Emily. This time we prepared stylish dress with floral print. We believe, that every woman would look amazing in that.

In this proposal we would like to present Emily in a springy, colorful version with white sneakers. She wears beautiful, girlish dress with floral print and with long, wide sleeves. Loose, trapeze dress with ruffles on the top and on the hips line have been made of delicate, airy, half-transparent fabric with a satin lining and one small button on her back. Together with white sneakers, it gives a fresh and girlish result. Such dress can help you to create a lot of different outfits on many occasions. If you would like to dress in a romantic style, you can shoe for example wedge-heeled shoes, which lengthen legs and highlight your body shape or you can choose ballet flats or sandals to add some girlish charm. Dress described above might be also joined with biker jacket and boots, what give a stylish, casual effect. Floral dresses come back every spring and are never out of fashion, so it’s worth to have them in your wardrobe.