Sketches for Marlena

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The little, black dress is just the timeless queen of all dresses. Woman wearing little, black dress always looks elegant and chic. It can become an outfit for every occasion and season, which give us the wide opportunity to create unconventional stylings.

Little, black dress is a nice styling choice on many occasions, such like evening out with friends or elegant cocktail party. One dress might be an element used in many different ways, it might be only a background for our natural beauty or the most decorative element of styling. It’s a simple, knee-length dress, which appeared around one hundred years ago and became popular thanks to Coco Chanel. It became a timeless queen of all dresses and woman wearing this kind of dress always looks very elegant.

Simple, black, elegant dress might be a basement for styling, which can be easily changed and adjusted to any occasion thanks to accessories. Depending on jewellery, shoes and other elements, it might become an evening or business outfit. It might be also a casual styling, if only we’ll complete it with sandals or flats. Classic line and simplicity of a little black dress are good for each type of body shape, without regard for age. However, it’s good to find your own styling. For example, side cut dress perfectly emphasize one’s body shape, v-neck adds some lightness and marks breast line and pencil dress will be perfect for X-shape body, cause it underlines proportions of body. If we would like to have more leeway or to cover imperfection and slim silhouette, it’s better to choose A-line or flared dress, which doesn’t limit our moves and can cover belly or hips.