Sketches for Hedwig in trench

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Trench gives a perfect opportunity to highlight beautiful female waist and create a formal outfit. Together with elegant trousers it creates a perfect styling in any place where formal dress code is required.

Double breasted trench coat with wide waist belt visually shapes silhouette. History of this coat is really long and interesting. British soldiers wore double breasted coats made of gabardine, but with the passing of time, it became the part of female wardrobe. The lightness and practicality of trench is very well known and it adds some femininity and elegance to every styling. Trench is just an ideal choice for chic parties and meetings.

If you would like to feel more free, you can wear such coat unbuttoned and show airy dress or formal pencil skirt under it. Wearing trench is just a perfect way to mark a beautiful waist. Light cut make this kind of coat just an ideal choice for season changing or for cool spring evenings. Trench is still mostly associated with formal look, but we can see it more and more often in more casual outfits. 

However, pencil skirts or elegant, fabric trousers remain the best choice to wear together with this classy coat. It’s important to notice that if we choose midi skirt, our outfit will visually shorten all silhouette. That’s why it’s so important to expose our legs and choose high heels, what makes our styling very feminine.

If we’re not afraid of experiments, we can wear bodysuit together with turtleneck.