Sketches for Gaia

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Stylish polka dot print is feminine, elegant and fancy, so it’s not surprising that it has existed in female fashion since such a long time.

Polka dot became very popular in sixties, when Marilyn Monroe was the cinema queen. Black polka dots in different sizes can be completed with chic high-heels and suit jacket or, in more casual version, with comfortable pumps or sneakers and backpack. Polka dot dresses might be worn for different occasions, such as weddings, elegant dinners and on a daily basis.

White polka dots of different sizes with red, navy blue or black background remain very classy choice. The size of dots and their intensity are extremely important. Big dots are suitable for brave women, who are not afraid of challenges. Classy, black dress with white dots is an elegant choice, however, different, intense colors make a person visible in a crowd. Small dots are more subtle and girlish, so we can complete them with delicate jewellery and simple sandals or high heels. It will give very feminine and airy effect. If we mix polka dot with sporty shoes, we can create a perfect outfit for women who like to stand out from the crowd.