Sketches for Emily in formal outfit

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Formal outfit is one of the most important elements of a female wardrobe. It’s perfect for a family party or any other event with a nice company.

In all of these formal situation when men should wear a suit, women have much bigger freedom of choice. It’s not about full eclecticism, as in the case of casual clothes, and actually such style has many names. When we read on the phrase tenue de ville on the invitation card, we should choose a formal outfit. It’s not an evening styling, but it requires some rules of elegance. During summer, warm days it’s good to have a light suit jacket instead of official, heavy suit. There are no strict rules for female formal style, although it should be an easy style with elegant elements. In this case we’ve chosen stylish, navy blue shirt made of airy fabric.

Female formal style doesn’t have strict rules, so we can choose different colors and palettes with a kind of moderate freedom of choice. It’s important to keep it modest and and discreet. That’s why in this particular case we have chosen linen, creased trousers in the earthy colors, which would be inappropriate in the case of evening style. In this case it looks really well together with chamois ballet flats. Such formal outfit should be suitable for one’s type of look and as a way to express woman’s personality. Formal, daily outfit is great when we go to the opera or theatre, it’s also a good choice for a family event.