Sketches for Agnieszka – gentleness and passion

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Autumn type looks great in orange palette, cause this spectrum of colors underline their natural delicacy and temperament. However, when we decide to wear such unusual color, we need to take the kind of occasion into consideration.

Even if we feel that a particular dress has been created ‘specially for us’, before we buy it we should refer not only to our feelings, but also to some rules concerning joining colors. In some cuts and colors we look better or worse. To avoid wrong choices and losing money, it’s worth to learn more about own color type and check which outfits, patterns and palettes look the best on us.

The Autumn Lady is a warm type. She has a delicate, fair skin, ginger, copper or ginger blonde hair and green, brown or blue eyes, but with warm, golden eyespots. Autumn type should invest some money in green, brownish green, sea green or khaki clothes. Delicacy of this type might me underline by beige and ècru or mixed with classic brown, which is a perfect alternative for black color for the Autumn Lady. Beside of basic color palette, she might wear honey or mustard yellow color, olive green, brick red color and heather violet. The mentioned above orange palette is great as well, but we should use this color in a very cautious way and regarding to an occasion. If the Autumn Lady would like to look more elegant and classy, she should choose salmon-colored fabric. Noticeable and fair orange palette might be worn as a casual outfit. Autumn women should definitely avoid white color, because it gives them very pale look; black, because it overwhelms them;  grey and navy blue, because they look older in these colors and they emphasise paleness of their skin.

Good styling and color match should go together with a cut suitable for body shape. Chemise dresses are mostly button fastened and have waist belts, which highlight advantages of woman body. Simple cut with v-neck, functional small collar and button fastening, inspired by regular man shirt, makes it an optimal choice for ladies with big breast, who would like to underline their femininity. If the fabric is flat-colored, it’s worth to use decorative belt to underline waist shape. Orange chemise dress is a perfect casual choice which highlight subtle beauty.