Projects for Ola – comfortable and natural

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Not every woman likes to wear floral motifs, but if we join floral patterns together with sporty, casual clothes, we can receive an interesting outfits, which are comfortable and suitable for a particular person(ality).

Diversified patterns and motifs became more and more popular in female wardrobes. We can see them not only on t-shirts and dresses, but on jackets and trousers as well. Floral motifs are one of the most fashionable and popular motifs recently. Flowers, which are very feminine motif, don’t appear only on dresses and skirts.They can be used as prints, embroideries, sew-on badges and overprints.

Airy, spring bomber jacket is very fashionable element, which might be worn during season changing. Such light jacket will refresh our outfit. It’s rather sporty style, but might be worn as casual as well and its color is just perfect for a springtime. Interesting, floral motifs uncover good, spring mood caused by blooming time of year and highlight the personality of woman, who wears it. Bomber jackets are light, airy and look good with floral motifs. Because of their practicism and comfort of wear, they should be a wardrobe casual essential for every young, energetic and active woman and the availability of patterns provide an attractive look which increase self-confidence. The best idea is wearing it together with comfy jeans trousers, v-neck t-shirt and with light spring shoes, for example with sneakers.