Projects for Ewa and Paulina

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The composition of a proper outfit might be a challenge and we need to take into consideration its appropriation, circumstances and physical and mental features of woman who is going to wear it. We assumed that it’s obvious that we would like to create styling which will be simple and elegant, but with some casual elements. Fashion concepts shown on paper can easily illustrate our concepts. We took into consideration practical aspects and uniqueness of clothes and accessories. We also were thinking about the ability of using different materials in the choice of styling, depending on needs of our models. Free choice of colors and diversity of fabrics helped us to keep the right balance between the idea of comfort and elegance. Our first proposal of business set of clothes contains the black, midi-length pencil dress, well-cut suit jacket and white blouse made of soft fabric. It’s an outfit which might be worn every day in an office or for a job interview.

In the second, more courageous project, we suggested black creased trousers together with airy, transparent shirt without sleeves and expressive, leather jacket. Both of those outfits help to disguise disabilities and our models can feel natural and elegant. The right choice of outfit is a key to feel comfortable in every situation. Our every idea begins on paper, it starts from drawing rough sketches which illustrate our concepts.