Ewa in etno style soon

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We can describe etno style as the mix of egzotic inspirations, mysterious atmosphere and wide diversity of cuts and fabrics creating unconventional look. Using etno inspirations is a good idea for a women, who like to experiment with their look. Even though ethnic style is associated mostly with heavy sweaters, this particular outfit might be a proposal not only for autumn and winter. Light wrapper with characteristic sash, decorative tassels and bobbles, is a perfect alternative for spring and summer overclothes. The mix of different patterns makes this outfit very distinctive and the universal cut is good for both slim women and those, who would like to hide some imperfections. Waist sash helps to underline feminine shape and v-neck expose the breast line and arms.

It’s a very rich styling, so we have to remember to not overdose etno form and inspirations. It’s worth to join such styling together with everyday casual city look, including jeans or golden heels. Etno style might be expressed in details or accents. You can also use only distinctive etno accessories, like heavy tassel earrings. Such proposals are good for spring and summertime, you can also choose light and delicate etno style as your work outfit if only official dress code is not required.