Agnieszka (Agnes) in pink

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2018 is over and New Year 2019 just begun. Last year we’ve started our fashion project ‘Monomoda – journal online’, which is dedicated to people with disabilities and exists thanks to our Readers.  We’ve met wonderful models and created beautiful photo sessions with stunning and surprising results. What will happen in 2019? We would like to continue our fashion project. Everything starts from a good beginning, so we would like to invite you to have good fun with us and we won’t accept complaints;) We wish you creative year full of fashion fireworks, take care!

Today we would like to introduce Agnieszka, who is very open, brave and nice person. Regardless of her difficult disability, she has very active lifestyle and gets involved in many social and professional fields. Last year she took part in the competition ‘Lady D’ and she has been highly appreciated for her involvement in increasing the quality of life of disabled people and broadening the knowledge about their problems, needs and possibilities. Working with Agnieszka was a real pleasure.

We suggested her styling based on comfy and elegant dress in a nice color. It’s a perfect choice for carnival, when it’s worth to choose beautiful, vibrant colors, especially pastels, which are just whitened versions of basic colors. Pastels add some delicacy to the general look of women wearing them. Carnival is a joyful period when we want to have fun and look good. Without any doubts, light colors make outfit vibrant and they highlight natural look of our model. Pastel colors are also just an amazing alternative for black dresses, which we wear mostly for more official occasions. Together with effective jewellery, pastel colors can create unforgettable outfits. In the case of our model it’s important to choose well-quality, soft and comfortable fabric which won’t limit movements and can guarantee perfect look. Such outfit is simply perfect for unofficial occasions, like dinner with family or going out in the evening with friends.