Classy and chic

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How to look fancy, classy and chic, but still feel comfortable? In such case it’s worth to choose white color, which might be associated with a modesty, but in addition it adds some elegance and gives an exquisite effect. Our … more

Maria – Extravagance

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Red color vivifies, it’s eye-catching and doesn’t let you disappear in the crowd. Front binding blouse makes an outfit extravagant and unique.  In this photo session we joined floral motifs and stripes. Maria is an active person, who is not … more

Gaia – energetic black polka dot

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Gaia is just incredibly talented and enthusiastic woman who is always motivated to learn new things. She is very sociable and her smile radiates positive energy. Disability is not a psychological barrier for Gaia. She doesn’t have neither one leg … more

Sketches for Gaia

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Stylish polka dot print is feminine, elegant and fancy, so it’s not surprising that it has existed in female fashion since such a long time. Polka dot became very popular in sixties, when Marilyn Monroe was the cinema queen. Black … more

Ania – floral elegance

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She stays positive and finds happiness in living in the moment, what might be easily noticed thanks to her openness and natural charm. Ania loves fashion experiments and her disability doesn’t limit her. Our next heroine Ania is an incurable … more

Sketches for Ania

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Floral inspirations can be found in every kind of clothes, but airy dresses with floral prints always remain a manifestation of femininity, which brighten individual style. There is nothing more feminine in spring-summer season than flowers. This romantic element will … more

Marlena and queen of all dresses

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We suggested Marlena very simple, black, knee-length dress with decorative epaulettes, which perfectly expose her ideal body shape and her disability, what emphasize her inner beauty and real power. This outfit has been completed with black, comfortable flat sandals providing … more

Sketches for Marlena

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The little, black dress is just the timeless queen of all dresses. Woman wearing little, black dress always looks elegant and chic. It can become an outfit for every occasion and season, which give us the wide opportunity to create … more

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